UFO Blues Tapes

by 3AM

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released October 8, 2013

3AM is Chino Burga (vox, guitars, drones and loops)
Recorded and mixed at home, Lima-Peru
August 2012 - February 2013



all rights reserved


3AM Lima, Peru

3AM it's the solo project of Chino Burga (La IrA de Dios, La Garua, Necromongo, etc) based on riffs, loops and a lot of tremolo, very influenced by Suicide, The Stooges and Joy Division.

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Track Name: Can't Stand
I can't stand falling in love with you
I can't stand

I can't stand another night without you
I can't stand

Only the fools rush in
Track Name: Endless Roads
You're still driving on
You're still looking for
You still look at the sky
You don't believe their lies

On endless roads

I yeah love you so
I'm gonna carry you home
I'm gonna clean your wounds
I'm gonna tell you the truth

On endless roads

We have gone this far
We won't tear us apart
We have a lot of do
We have nothing to lose

On endless roads
Track Name: The Calling
Under a haunted moon
Howling like a wolf
Still looking for you
We're setting all

Spirals coming on
Kaledoscopian eyes
Surrounded by green fog
In a Walpurgis night

Calling you...

Listen all the drones
Follow the martial drums
Waiting in the night
Ready for attack
Ready for attack
Ready for attack

Calling you!!!
Track Name: People of the Dusk
Born too late
but never have lost the hope
Born too late
but never have changed the road
Never lost...always gone

A brand new dawn for people of the dusk

always in the lost cause
Burning hearts
shining like a thousand suns
Shining on...on and on

A brand new dawn for people of the dusk

Global call
in union we will fall
Brothers in arms
it's only rock n roll
Always more rock n roll

A brand new dawn for people of the dusk
Track Name: Sonic
Sonic girl from the underworld
You read my mind with your eyes wide closed
You had a dream we're all dreaming on
Sonic girl

Sonic boy from the underworld
Built for speed and to rock n roll
You go against the injustice world
Sonic boy
Track Name: Girl
Girl...are you alone?
Does daddy know?
Are you afraid?

Girl...come take my hand
let's take a walk
and drink champagne
with some cocaine

Girl...are you aware I'm a living dead?
Girl...love you so
You're the one